Your original jewelry is voluminous. spit

volumetricToday braids are
Trendy hairstyle for any occasion. They weave like on
work or study, and for a festive occasion – a wedding, anniversary
or just a party. And the usual braids already surprise no one.
Therefore, the masters offer many options for different weaving and
types of braids, accessories for them. Consider how to weave volumetric
braids and other options for this hairstyle at all times.

Volume – all head

The easiest way to make a volumetric braid is to braid
its not worth it. Or, after the usual weaving a little stretch strands,
holding the base of the spit. Make it necessary to always lower
up starting from the first lower link pigtails and gradually reaching
to the topmost one. But you can try and more complex
way to.

So, comb your hair and sprinkle a little water to make it easier
dragged along. Divide all the hair into five approximately equal strands.
For convenience, let’s number the strands from left to right: 1, 2, 3, 4,
5. Take the fifth strand first and place it on the fourth. Now
take the third one and put it on the fifth one (remember that now it’s not
extreme). Then we take the second and impose on the fifth (because
now adjacent to the second). Well, put the first one on the one with
it is now adjacent. If you are not confused, continue in this
order to weave to the end, and you get a convex pigtail.

Fashionable version – French

Learning to braid braids in the French style is not at all difficult.
Such a braid diagonally looks very advantageous. Begin to weave it.
from any temple, gradually moving to the opposite side.
Separate a small strand in the temporal region and divide it into three
parts. Put the extreme part under the middle one, then from the second extreme
do the same part. Add to the next extreme strand
a bit of loose hair and bring them all under the middle one. Also
do the same with the strand on the opposite side. So gradually
add strands of loose hair until they run out.

Braid of harnesses

How to weave braids, you now know. And try
to make a braid from the harnesses – it will receive in this way an additional
volume First you need to pick up the hair in a bun, best on
back of the head or above. Now divide them into two or three equal parts.
Twist each strand to the right.

Now twist the strands already twisted into bundles between them.
spirals. To get a convex braid, you need to weave quite tight.
At the end, fasten the pigtail with a rubber band, and the rubber band needs to be tight,
so that the harnesses do not become loose over time.

Fish tail

This stylish and very popular braid also looks very
volume due to the method of weaving. It is necessary from the right and left side
heads separated by strands. Put the right on the left, after which
From under the left, separate the new small strand and start it for
right. Now, from under the right strand we take out a new one and start it up for
already thicker left. Similarly, we continue to weave
the end, the entire length of the hair. This weave looks very relevant
on the girls on the beach – so they somehow resemble mermaids. And at the same
time is practical – the hair does not bloom, does not get wet and does not

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